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Cardiological rehabilitation systems

AsTER Rehabilitation Beta System XL
AsTER Rehabilitation Beta System XL

System designed for providing group rehabilitation that ensures simultaneously an individual course of training for each patient and ECG monitoring.

Treadmill B612 - model C
Treadmill B612 - model C

A dependable device with an in-built ECG module enables conducting exercise ECG tests as well as cardiology rehabilitation. The main features of the treadmill are:
• unique treadmill's inclination adjustment function – an in-built inclinometer assuring automatic levelling of the treadmill to the floor surface,
• the possibility of precise load setting during trainings and stress exercise examinations,
• 3 safety switch-off buttons.

Ergometer CRG 200
Ergometer CRG 200

Main features:
- in-built ECG module,
- ergonomic construction assuring comfortable and safety operating,
- electromagnetic break assuring precise regulation of device's loading,
- loading level independent of rotations quantity.