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General Sale Rules

I General principles
1. These General Terms of Sale are applicable to all sales and deliveries made by ASPEL S.A. (herein referred to as “ASPEL”). Purchaser (herein referred to as “Customer”) explicitly acknowledges the present General Terms of Sale and expressly waives assertion of its own general contractual conditions, if any. The General Sale Rules are published on
2. Aspel do not cover consumer sale understand as retail transaction in which goods are bought for private
consumption or use, in accordance with Polish Law dated 27th of July 2002 r. Civil Code (DZ.U. 2002 r. No 141,
position 1176).
3. Parts exclude liability deriving from a pledge to offered products according to Polish law: article 558 KC (DZ.U.
dated 23.04.1964, no 16 position 93)

II Orders and Order Confirmations
1. Placed order is treated by Aspel as acceptance of all conditions of the GENERAL SALE RULES.
2. An order supposes to be placed by an official Aspel’s website and contained required
3. Confirmation of an order is sent to Customer by e-mail. Aspel reserves the right to deny acceptance of an
order. Once an order has been confirmed, no changes can be made.

III Prices & payment conditions.
1. The prices are EX Work Zabierzow/ POLAND (according to INCOTERMS 2000). The actual prices are given by
Export Department and available on the official website
2. The prices do not include cost of transport, installation, training, bank charges, custom fees, insurance,
storage, loading and unloading of goods. All charges if any are to be borne by Purchaser.
3. The prices quoted in price lists and others, as leaflets, press releases or websites are indicative and not
binding. Aspel reserves the right to change the prices.
4. The only binding prices are verified on the order confirmation.
5. All invoices of ASPEL shall be due and payable by advanced payment, letter of credit, credit card or e-transfer
unless other form of payment was agreed by ASPEL.
6. Advanced payment is required with all orders of total amount lower than 1000,00 PLN.

IV Realization of order
1. Order confirmation prescribes date of shipment delivery.
2. ASPEL reserves the right to change the date or conditions of delivery, as also to abandon the order in
particular reasonable circumstances, especially as force majeure and other extraordinary events or circumstances
beyond the control of the ASPEL.
3. Place of goods issuance is warehouse of ASPEL, Poland, Zabierzów, os. H. Sienkiewicza 33.
4. Customer is obliged to receipt ordered goods from ASPEL’s warehouse during term given by ASPEL ( if not,
additional storage fee will be count)
5. ASPEL may organize the delivery of the shipment to Customer under given delivery address. Costs of delivery
will be added to the invoice. Issuance of goods follows at the moment of collection by forwarder. Risk of goods
transport is placed at the Customer with the moment of issuance.

V Warranty, complaints, returns
1. ASPEL hereby warrants that its products are new, good quality, without defects in material and workmanship,
as also its products fulfill their specifications.
2. All eventual quality discordances have to be reported to ASPEL immediately after delivery.
3. The Customer has the right to return defective product to ASPEL within 30 days, count from the day of its
4. Return of defective product must be done to ASPEL’s warehouse after written acceptation of ASPEL. Return
product can’t be used and without original packing.
5. ASPEL will exchange the defective unit into new one in the possible shortest period of time and informed the
Customer about readiness to exchange. Customer is obligated to immediate receipt of goods.
6. In case of credit card or e-transfer transaction ASPEL will exchange the defective unit into new one or return
money to Customer within 30 days. Return duration time starts form date of receipt the defective unit at ASPEL
warehouse. If the Customer prefer exchange of the product will be informed about readiness to exchange.
Customer is obligated to immediate receipt of goods.
7. Goods with mechanical damages, used improperly or discordantly to its appropriation do not cover warranty
8. Guarantee certificate add to every electronic device describes detailed warranty conditions.
9. These General Sale Conditions do not force Customer to any eventual separate warranty conditions between
Customer and end user of the equipment.

VI Others
1. ASPEL holds CE-mark in pursuance of the European Medical Device Directives 93/42/EEC. Should any further
marks, certificates or approvals be required for the Customer’s territory, the Customer shall apply for the
necessary markings at his own cost and shall inform ASPEL accordingly.
2. The present General Sale Rules and all contracts between ASPEL and the Customer shall be exclusively
governed by and construed in accordance with Polish law, without giving effect to Poland's rules on conflict of law
and regardless of the place or places of their physical execution and performance.
3. The application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts (CISG) for the International Sale of Goods (11
April 1980) shall be explicitly excluded.
4. The Customer is allowed to sell and service ASPEL’s medical devices and equally participate in public tenders.
5. The Customer or anyone designated by the Customer shall be solely responsible for the registration and/or
certification of marketing and selling of the products in the territory at its own expense.

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tel: +48 519 155 999